As the global energy transition continues, it is clear that Canada and the marine renewable energy sector have an important role to play. Many solutions and renewable energy resources will be needed to decarbonize our economy.

Marine Renewables Canada’s 2022 Conference will focus on how offshore wind, tidal, wave, river current energy can help power a sustainable and inclusive future in Canada and globally. From the production of green fuels like hydrogen to displacing diesel in remote communities and providing clean electricity to the grid, our marine renewable energy resources offer clean solutions that the world is looking for.

Over the course of three days, the conference will provide ample networking opportunities, feature insight from industry leaders and experts, provide information on market opportunities and industry activity, and foster a dialogue on key actions and critical next steps.

Key features of the conference will include:

  • MRC member sessions providing advice on effective communication strategies and Indigenous engagement
  • Women in Marine Renewables networking event in partnership with Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE)
  • Insight on trends, progress, and opportunities in the global marine renewable energy sector
  • Discussion on Canadian project achievements and next steps to ensure growth and development
  • Updates on initiatives that are enabling sector development coastal, remote, and Indigenous community projects
  • Insight on market opportunities such as offshore wind and green hydrogen, and implications for Canada
  • Networking opportunities that will help build connections and support emerging industry needs

The Marine Renewables Canada conference represents the largest and most significant event of the year for Canada’s marine renewable energy industry. We welcome and encourage other sectors to attend and discover opportunities to get involved in this growing industry.